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Book multiple Emotional Healing sessions for only $135 each

My services include  —  

Emotional Health Facilitator, IPT
Qigong Therapist, Chinese Energetic Medicine


I'm a strong believer in the power of living from an authentic place.  


Each of us has significant purpose and power within us and the ability to become more than we currently are. At True Center Living, my goal is to help you get unstuck from the negative beliefs and pain that limit you.  Unstuck, you can connect to your power, shine and share your true self.

It's an amazing process to uncover the sparkle and strength inside each of us.  Indeed, the beauty we seek resides within.  We often have layers of unhealthy attitudes and experiences we fear can never be healed.  However, acknowledging and releasing our pain allows us to transmute it, turning it into strength. In this way, we find deep healing.

Come heal your body, heart, mind, and spirit. When all are unified, we are able to move forward with great strength, direction, personal power and truth.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

 Lao Tzu  

Services Provided

Come enjoy what I call a Qigong Rebalance and Refresh!  Bring the feelings of wellness and peace back into your life!

Qigong is an ancient Chinese Energetic Medicine practice filled with Wisdom and Wellness.  Taking care of the energy body is as important as taking care of the physical body and when supported can increase your feelings of wellness and peace.   If things get stuck or blocked it can manifest in a variety of challenging ways.  Through Qigong Treatments we can support and address the physical and energetic systems together.  During the session we will clear, purge, tonify, regulate, and balance the wei qi fields and organs.  This process provides greater strength and power to the body and soul.

Chinese Energetic Medicine is designed to bring your whole system into balance.  Many people feel revitalized, clear and energetically strong after receiving the treatment.

Return to wellness and peace!

Session are $85, performed on a massage table with the client fully clothed and are about 1 hour.

*In person and remote sessions available.

Try ALTERNATING a Qigong Treatment and an Emotional Process.  

Together they can create even deeper integration and support!

An Emotional Healing Session can change the direction of your life.  Using a tool called the Process, we will identify and heal old wounds, discover and release negative family patterns, and open space for new healthy patterns, which will help you discover your powerful authentic center.  


Description of a Session:


Each session is special and particularly suited to the client, but generally includes identifying an issue in which the client is struggling; often producing feelings of powerlessness.  For example:  perfectionism, obsessive or addictive behaviors, worry, self-doubt, criticism, perceived low self-worth, family or relationship disharmony, etc.  With the use of muscle testing we will identify the age associated with this struggle.  Then in a state of deeper consciousness like that of meditation, we will spend time releasing emotions connected with the issue, identify beliefs (like, “I’m not good enough”, “No one cares about me”, “I’m not worthy,” “I’ll never get what I want,” etc) and discover what is lost through this belief and what other routes may be taken in the future to obtain the success you really desire in life.  Emotions will be energetically identified and released through guided imagery.  Towards the end of the session we release all the negative energy and patterns that have been discovered to the divine source and replace with the power of light and truth.


Begin your journey of discovery and healing today!  

Sessions are offered at a reduce rate of $135 each when booking multiple sessions or $150 for a single session.

**Each session is about 2 hours long -- in person and remote sessions available**


Becky D.

American Fork, Utah

I have sought Sarah out for both Emotional Healing and Qigong Therapy.  She is truly a master healer.  


During our Emotional Healing sessions, she was able to cut right to the issues that had kept me stuck for years, and she facilitated powerful transformation of those problematic energies, which allowed me to move forward in surprising ways.  


During my Qigong Session with her, she quickly identified a connection between my lungs and a deep grief I had long carried, which allowed me to release the grief and create space for healing.  


I’ve been to a number of therapeutic practitioners, and she truly accomplished what others simply could not.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Zani M.


I have been working with Sarah for about 6 months now and I am beyond grateful for everything she's done for me! My everyday thoughts have completly changed and when hard things pop up they feel easier with my new found strength.  She has helped me in so many aspects of my life and I'm so happy I began this work. I wish I would have started working with her sooner.  Even my husband has noticed a shift in me and our home is more peaceful.   I can't recommend Sarah enough! 

Diane T.

Orem, Utah

Working with Sarah changed my life. I had recently gone through a divorce and was not interested in seeing a regular counselor. I didn’t want to talk about my 26 year marriage or hash out the issues. I wanted to HEAL! I wanted to understand why I had tolerated certain behaviors, and heal myself so I wouldn’t choose that again.


Sarah’s emotional healing therapy was exactly what I needed. She led me to past memories and answers as to how I attained certain belief systems. By healing those things I became grounded and whole. The therapy wasn’t about going through a divorce; it was centered on healing myself! It was the best thing I ever did and prepared me for the incredible life I have today!

Tifanie F.

American Fork, Utah

I divorced almost ten years ago. Prior to meeting with Sarah, I had not yet dealt with the emotional distress that is associated with such a a difficult experience. I was emotionally, mentally, and physically drained.


After our first appointment, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace in my heart. In a loving and compassionate manner, she has helped me identify destructive self talk as well as the traumatic events and family history that contributed to the creation of my low self worth. With this knowledge, I have been able to avoid the situations that left me feeling empty inside and choose healthy behaviors that have brought great joy in my life.


Through her tender care, Sarah has positively influenced every aspect of my life.  She has been a true blessing to me. 

Marilyn M.

American Fork, Utah

I met Sarah McCann about three and a half years ago. Our sons played together, we would talk whenever we dropped off or picked up one of our boys. At the time I was having a lot of heart problems and stress. I opened up to her and she listened, helping me to release a lot of that.


I chose to do some Emotional Healing sessions with her and found they helped me discover many beliefs that I did not underhand were damaging physically and emotionally.


As hard as it is to look at many of these patterns and beliefs, I have found great strength in addressing them and moving forward in a healthier way.  She is a remarkable woman and I'm so blessed to know her.

Melanie M.

American Fork, Utah

For years I had been trying to let go of resentment and regret that was sucking my energy and holding me back. I was not able to forgive myself and others and fully give up these burdens to the Lord, and I didn’t know how to.


Going through “The Process” with Sarah was enlightening as I was able to address the negative beliefs that were preventing me from letting go. Being able to recognize and better understand why I felt this way and how to address these beliefs was essential. Learning how to identify and process these negative beliefs then physically let go was incredible. I felt a weight lift off my chest like I had not felt before.


This experience started a journey for me to be able to better understand the atonement of Jesus Christ and how He intended for us to take advantage of His great sacrifice. I am so grateful for what this experience has done for me and continues to do for me. Thank you Sarah, you are incredible!  

S. W. Robison

Spanish Fork, Utah

When I first heard about the Emotional Release sessions Sarah was doing, I was skeptical.  It was not something I was familiar with, but I decided to give it a try and was wonderfully surprised by the results. 

Sarah is a very caring and kind person.  I feel extremely comfortable working with her.  I have now had several sessions with Sarah and feel totally at ease in what is usually a very vulnerable position for me to be in.  Most important to me, I have felt very safe.  

I would recommend Sarah's services to anyone looking for a kind gentle, yet knowledgeable person, to help them navigate their way through the ups and downs of every day life.



42 North 200 East, Suite 1

American Fork, UT  84003

C: 801-850-2402


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