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Women's Alternative to a Mammogram and Ultrasound

Hello Ladies. In an effort to stay up on my health, yesterday I went to Utah Thermography and met with Kelly at the Alpine Clinic in Highland, Utah. What a wonderful experience and provided peace of mind. She is delightful and made the visit very comfortable and clear. For me, it was less expensive than a traditional Mammogram or Ultrasound and non-invasive.

Here are some details I found on her site! I hope many take advantage of this lovely way to keep up on your health.

Advantages of Thermography for Breast Cancer Screening:

• Safe, easy, and pain free • No radiation exposure • Differentiates between fibrocystic breast disease and tumors No compression of breast tissue • Detects changes in breast tissue that accompany the smallest of tumors • Entire breast can be imaged • Useful for evaluating chest wall after surgery • Effective for breasts of all sizes • Effectively and safely screens breasts with implants • Creates opportunities for early intervention

"Thermology is a passive and functional type of study, unlike radiology (X-ray). This means thermology does NOT use any form of ionizing radiation (such as does X-ray) as it evaluates the features of activity and operations of distinct areas of the body."

"Breast thermography detects patterns of heat produced from the increased circulation produced by abnormal metabolic activity in cancer cells. Thus, thermography is a physiological test that detects changes in the breast tissue that have been shown to correlate with the presence of cancer or pre-cancerous states. Our Thermograms are interpreted by a thermologist, Dr. Phil Hoekstra, an industry leader for over thirty-five years."

You can learn more about Thermography on her website at

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