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What's your DESTINY?

"When we are stuck in patterning. Painful core belief we subscribe to; that patterning becomes our destiny. We get locked into certain ways we live our relationships, certain ways we treat ourselves and others. When you notice a pattern like this it’s a flag you need to deep your attention. Enhance your presence." Tara Brach, PhD.

Tara teaches a meditation called RAIN that creates Mindfulness in tangly situations. We can use this with our most difficult patterns and emotions. Mindfulness bring stillness to the soul and centers you on what matters most. Reminds us what truly matters. She's a wonderful resource for finding peace and coming to your TRUE CENTER.

Using methods like this help us gain control and power in our lives. Living in the present moment with the clarity to choose our path with purpose and intent. Emotional Healing Sessions also enhance our understanding of our limiting beliefs and further open our lives to living from authenticity and our center.

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